Blog Posts

These blogs were written for my CS4100 Senior Seminar class. The class fulfilled the university requirement for a fourth year English class, and focused primarily on speaking and writing ethical analysis. These blogs will serve as a reflection point about the assignments posed and will be updated weekly.

Title Date Published Thumbnail
Introductory Blog Post
22 August 2016
Reflection of Personal Ethics
29 August 2016
Reflection of Case Studies
07 September 2016
Career Development Presentation
14 September 2016
Reflections on Hive Tracks and Bee Informed Presentation
19 September 2016
Reflections on Snooping Assignment
26 September 2016
Reflection on Class Discussion about Presidential Debate
03 October 2016
Reflection on Ashley Madison Discussions
10 October 2016
Reflections on The Last Lecture
17 October 2016
Reflections on Intellectual Property
09 November 2016
Final Blog Post
09 December 2016